About this site

My greetings, my name is Artem Polezhaka

I am an enthusiast, who is interested in science and education. Considerable part of my life was devoted to teaching methods of physics both for students and children. Thus today I would like to share my experience and results with you. Here you can find out about me.

This resource was created for the purpose of the science popularization. Basis of the site includes more than 100 interesting articles with unusual physical tasks for pupils. The beginning of the article starts with a short story followed by photos or videos, such like trampolining elephant, and then there is a set of tasks concerning the appropriate subject. Thus we learn a free fall from the post about elephant jumping on trampoline. Such tasks surprise pupils, make them show interest and think about science. Comfortable navigation round topics and classes allows pupils to easily find the very articles about physics they need.

Ukrainian and Russian are the main languages of the site; translation of such a huge material to English is a hard work. That is why I mention here only selected articles about my work with children, methodology, experiments and inventions.