“Aerostil”: Device structure



  1. A box. Any material will be right for this: plywood, metal, plastic, compressed wood, fiberboard and even solid carton.
  2. A lid with openings. Its surface cover must be conducting.
  3. The very openings.
  4. Fan. Any air-exhauster with power more than 15watts. Such fans are used for air exhaustion systems in kitchen or bathroom. The brand doesn’t matter.
  5. Opening for an exhauster in the box.
  6. Foam bits of 4-5 millimeters in diameter. It is sold in the big sacks in building material stores, it’s called «Betolight». It’s used as a filling compound for concrete while building.
  7. 7. Power controller for an exhauster.

Demands for a cover and openings

  • Thickness of the lid 2-6 mm
  • Diameter of openings 1,5-2 mm
  • Distance between openings’ centers 5 mm
  • A number of openings 30×30

The openings form a grate, they must be straight and without notches.

If dielectric was chosen as a material for a lid, it’s necessary to apply a conducting layer on the surface of the lid (with paint, foil, or to rub the pencil’s graphite in it).

Power controller for an exhauster

A power controller is necessary to change the air flow passing through the openings. Thus a “temperature” of a model substance can be regulated. As a rheostat you can use a high-powered rheostat connected to an electric circuit parallel to an exhauster. Resistance of the rheostat must be 1,5-2 times less than resistance of the exhauster.

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