Demonstration device “Aerostil”. First experiments

Aerostil As I promised, I spread out the first information about this educational device. “Aerostil” was created in KharkivNational University Laboratory of physics teaching methods of V. N. Karazin Kharkov National University of. The authors: Polejaka Artem and PhD Pesin Aleksandr, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences. The main phenomena simulated on the device:

  • Gas:
    • thermal motion and molecule interaction
    • cooling and heating
    • compression and expansion
    • Brownian motion
    • dependence of molecules’ motion rate on their mass
    • condensation
  • Liquid:
    • evaporation, boiling
    • thermal motion and interaction of molecules
    • cooling and heating
    • fluidity, deformation
    • diffusion in liquid
    • crystallization
  • Solid (crystal):
    • Melting
    • thermal motion and molecules’ interaction of crystal
    • cooling and heating
    • fragility of crystal
    • diffusion at solids’ boundary
    • different defects of crystal
    • sublimation and desublimation

The very first presentation of the device

Additional video

Gas »

Liquid-crystal »

Crystal »

Liquid 1 »

Liquid 2 »

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